About Us


My Name is Becki and I am the brains behind Melt Away with Me.

I am currently a full time mum of two children Lottie age 12 and George age 4 full time Accounting and Finance University Student due to begin my final year in October 2021. I have now been running my own wax melt business from home since June 2020 and can not believe how much of a success it has been!!

As a huge wax melt lover, over the years have bought from many many businesses, when I had finished my exams for the year and was sat at home day in day out with children in lock down due to Covid-19, I decided to try and put my time to good use and researched wax melt making.

I started out in June 2020 and have loved every minute so far, from making and creating amazing wax melts, trying different scents, shapes and trying to be as creative as possible whilst also making products people would love...and I feel I have achieved this!!!

photo credit: Woodandroseboutique
We are always looking for new ideas so if you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.
If any one has any questions relating to my wax melts feel free to pop us a message in the Contact us page or pop over to our Instagram page www.instagram.com/melt.awaywithme and I myself or one of my brand reps will get back to you as soon as possible.